Friday, January 25, 2013

World is Your Reflection

A short story, told to me originally by Rajkishore

Two friends decided to share gifts with each other. They agreed that the A would give all his sweets in exchange of B’s marbles. While A gave it all, B hid the best of marbles and gave the rest. That night, B couldn't sleep thinking that A would have covered the best sweets. In contrast A slept peacefully thanking B for marbles.

Moral: ?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Boy Who Stood

There was rush in the air, office people were running madly, stray dogs were barking at their peak, vendors were ambidextrously managing their customers. I and Raju were talking long steps to reach the bus stop, we were late enough. Among the haste of morning, I noticed from far, a lanky lad standing in attention. He was clad in white trouser and blue shirt quite clearly he was a school boy. Apparently the school had already started and this fellow was yet to reach the school. But instead of going in, he stood still. It was the National Anthem being played in school, which made him do so.

What mattered the small boy was of non-business to rest all of us. We felt bit guilty but didn't dare to stop, perhaps a sign that we think we are above the country. However more to realize is that lost innocence of childhood, the lost courage.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your Social Account Could Be Hacked This Way

This is how your id will be hacked:


You get a mail from your social friend about some funny happening. In this case I get a request from my one of my twitter friend. It asks me to visit twitter and log in. In disguise it takes me to [the fake URL: Opens in mobile browsers. Most modern desktop browsers block it]

Fake Twitter Login Mail


You login to your account from the link given in the mail. The site you land up is visually no different from the actual thing.

Fake Twitter: Visible similar to main site

Actual Twitter

And now this is how you can avoid this:


If the URL is linking to anything different to the main URL, don't visit.
Check the site name from the hyperlink and not from the printed label, ex: this link does not redirect to facebook.

Check here for more tips.


Most site which ask for user name and password have a secure https version. So in the URL change http to https. This is especially needed when you are doing some banking transaction. Check here on how https is helpful.
Check for https


Keep your browser updated. IE 6 users are more prone to falling in trap than IE9 user. So, regularly update your browser. If you get an phishing Detected message, don't proceed.

Phishing Detection in IE

For Google Chrome users, don't use beta versions for banking transactions, they have open loopholes for hackers to dig in.

Adding to it Chrome does not show "http" and "https" unlike IE.

Chrome URL

So, next time you are in doubt, apply bit of caution and knowledge. Happy Browsing.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trip To Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad district, in the beautiful state of Kerala was the chosen place to relieve us from the hurry-burry life of Bengaluru.

A simple city in the abode of nature, gives you great eye refreshing and awe inspiring beauty. Lust green forest, huge spread of tea farming and clouds engulfing the mountains, lakes and waterfalls are just worth watching.

Our short stay plan and rainy weather did not prove deterrent. We explored the best of district in Gods own country.

Here are some of the photographs which I could click through.

Edakkal Caves

Pookot Lake

Karapuzha Dam

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Some handy information for the travelers:
  • October to May is considered as the best months to visit Wayanad.
  • Wayanad provides decent lodging facilities.
  • Food is good, both north and south Indian foods are available.
  • Get a skilled driver, because the roads though good are still challenging
  • The best places to visit in a short trip
    • Edakkal Caves
    • Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary
    • Pookot Lake
    • Meenmutty Falls
    • Banasura Dam

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